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Manufacturer and Supplier of Thermocol Products in India

Thermocol Manufacturer

We are the largest and leading manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of thermocol products in all over India, we are based in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR since 1989. Our products have received wide spread recognition among the clients, owing to their premium quality and high durability. We offer different thermocol products like thermocol block, thermocol sheets, thermocol beans, thermocol pipe section, thermocol shape molding, thermocol hand molding, thermocol ice boxes, customized thermocol packing and bean bags.

EPACK India do not compromise in the quality and always ensure the use of superior top quality items as raw materials that provides maximum durability and lasting impression on our products. Thermocol is a biodegradable product, strong and available in various sizes. Thereby, widely used in various industries for packaging of variety of products.

Our customized packaging helps in retaining the quality of products. Safe and reliable packaging ensures that the product is not damaged while transporting. Hence, there is increasing demand for packaging materials that are strong and biodegradable.

Know more about Thermocol:

Thermocol is another name for Polystyrene, it’s a synthetic aromatic (benzene derivative) polymer made from the monomer styrene (a monomer is a molecule that may bind chemically to other molecules to form a polymer. Hence the name Polystyrene). It can be either solid, or foam like (styrofoam!).

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