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bubble packaging

Bubble Packaging

This perforated air bubble sheet is ideal for packaging of fragile and sensitive products as these offer ample security. The sheet is broadly demanded by our clients and appreciated for their impeccable functionality and quality. The bubble wrap packaging sheets are now available in VCI bubbles and anti static form. We use the innovative technology in designing this air bubble sheet and used widely in numerous kinds of electronics packaging as well as other goods that demand utmost care while handling.

Choose the right bubble packaging sheet for you

You can customise your packing protection solution by choosing from our small bubble packaging products and large bubble wrap items. Relating to the size of the bubble, not the length of the bubble packaging roll, picking the perfect solution all depends on the type of item you are looking to ship. We provide small bubble packaging sheet for an excellent level of protection for smaller sized goods, such as books and media players. Our environmentally friendly bubble packaging is a great alternative to plastics. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, it is also 100% made from recycled material.

Want to buy bubble sheet for packing of electronic products? Consider our anti-static collection. Anti-static bubble wrap works to eliminate static discharge and as a result safeguard electrical components from damage. EPACK India is the best bubble sheets supplier in India. We provide great value, unbeatable service and fast, free delivery can be realised across our entire range. You can choose bubble wrap packaging products for safe and perfect packaging.

Bubble wrap rolls are flexible and versatile. Wrap these securely around any item and you can protect delicate items such as statues or electronics. Our bubble material absorbs shocks and provides a buffer that keeps the wrapped products secure and damage free during transit thereby reducing the risk of having to send expensive replacement items.

bubble sheet packaging

Our range of products include:

  • Air Bubble Cover
  • Air Bubble Roll
  • Air Bubble Sheet
  • Air Bubble Packaging Sheet
  • Bubble Wrap Rolls
  • Air Bubble Bags
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