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Thermocol Boxes for Fruit Packaging

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a convenient, inexpensive and lightweight material to fulfill your packaging requirements. Whether you need to protect valuable products during shipping, maintain a required temperature or humidity level, or simply ensure that products are kept in their original condition, we have thermocol packaging boxes that will suit you.

EPACK India is a leading thermocol boxes manufacturer and supplier in India, provides excellent quality of fruit boxes and EPS packaging boxes, which are used in the packing of perishable goods like fresh fruit exporters worldwide.

thermocol blocks

Thermocol Fruit Packaging Boxes

These thermocol boxes are basically made from high quality of thermocole to pack and transit perishable goods to maintain its freshness and cold for several hours. Also these thermocol boxes are very handy even in domestic purposes such as to store edibles and beverages at desired temperature.

We help you in achieving your business goals by providing the high quality thermocol customized packaging. Our expertise in creating thermocol customized packaging is what makes us different from our competitors. The industrial customized thermocol packaging boxes are manufactured as per requirements of the client.

We have various range of Thermocol fruit boxes to cater the fruit and vegetables.

  • This high quality thermocol fruit packaging boxes are specially designed to meet with the latest needs of contemporary market.
  • Our perforated thermocol vegetable box is the most durable and versatile design in it’s class.
  • We have various size available for this sort of boxes.
  • Available fruit boxes in all dimensions.


Thermocol Ice Boxes Manufacturer in India

Being one of the top valorous cold chain packaging manufacturer, EPACK is now offering different variants of Thermocol ice boxes which is popularly known as medicine box, EPS vegetable box, thermocol ice box, Thermocol fruit box, Temperature controlled box, Fish Boxes, Thermocol Fabricated box, EPS molded box etc. We do cater customized molded or fabricated EPS boxes for engineering, hardware, pathology labs, medical and hospital use etc., as per client’s requirement.

Largest Thermocol Boxes Manufacturer in Greater Noida

With EPACK, you don’t have to look further, we help you in achieving your business goals by providing the high quality thermocol ice box. Our expertise in creating customised thermocol ice box is what makes us different from our competitors.

Various Thermocol Packaging Boxes are mentioned below-

Fish boxes, Vegetable boxes, Fruit boxes, Packing Boxes, Handicraft Box, Packing Material, Thermocol Packing Material, Thermocol Ice Boxes, Ice Boxes, Toys Packaging Materials, Toy Packing Box, Packaging Material, Packaging Box, Industrial Packing Products and Packing Products etc.

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