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Thermocol Blocks for Theme Parks

Industries across the globe are increasing their profits through visual displays and 3D props. As it has increased the demand for hard coated thermocol, visual displays have become one of the viable contenders for the entertainment industry worldwide. These are used as artwork and interaction points across different industries. EPACK provides thermocol blocks theme parks as per your requirements.

The ease in moulding and shaping EPS using the CNC routering technology has made it a favoured raw material in the creation of theme parks. A hard-coated EPS gives the structural strength and the ability to paint on the surface, giving flexibility to artists they need. With little to no health risk associated with the use of thermocol, it becomes a perfect choice in its use by the artists and designers.

thermocol blocks

EPACK India is a leading thermocol blocks manufacturer and supplier in India, provides eps thermocol blocks for theme park for design structure of any models, statue, sculpture, and theme parks.

To start with, the 3D design created is split into pieces if the size of the model exceeds the size of the thermocol block and is fed to the CNC machine for routing. The pieces that come out are glued together and polished by craftsmen to ensure smoothness, facial characteristics are given and finally hard-coated. Since the EPS is the base raw material, the artwork is up to 70% lighter than conventional metal structures.


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