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Thermocol Blocks for Floriculture Industry

India has a long tradition of floriculture with flowers forming an integral part of almost all the religious, social and cultural activities of the Indian society. Keeping in view of the increasing demand for the fresh flowers as well as the need for the development of a reliable export packaging technology that would cater to the near and far overseas markets. We provide thermocol blocks for floriculture as per your requirements.

Flowers are collected from auction centers and loose flowers are made into strings and related products. Stringed flowers are treated with boric acid and packed in aluminum foil lined light weight cardboard boxes. Large size thermocol blocks are used to cut in different sizes of thermocol sheets and thermocol sheets are used to make customized thermocol boxes.

thermocol blocks

These boxes in turn are packaged in large thermocol boxes with intermittent ice gel packs to maintain the temperature and humidity inside the box. These thermocol boxes are transported in refrigerated vans to airport and then it is dispatched to the respective destination.

EPS or Thermocol is one of the most economical and secure packaging materials available globally. EPACK is a leading thermocol blocks manufacturer and supplier in India, provides EPS blocks for making of thermocol boxes for packaging of dried and fresh flowers. Thermocol blocks for floriculture can be cut in different sizes of thermocol sheets.


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