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EPS Geofoam for Road Construction

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam is a geotechnical material, being used in construction activities in US, Japan and European Countries since 1970s. Its application in the construction and infrastructure industry is picking up in India. EPS Geofoam for road construction is used in geotechnical applications such as lightweight fill for construction on soft ground, for slope stabilization, and retaining wall or abutment back-fill; as well as for roadway and runway sub-grade insulation and foundation filling. We provide Geofoam Blocks road construction as per your requirements.


Geofoam provides stability to unstable soil conditions. Its lightweight characteristics make it a great solution for lightening the load of concrete in bridges, decks, green roofs, etc. The use of EPS Geofoam typically translates into benefits like lower construction costs and faster construction schedules because it is easy to handle during construction, often without the need for special equipment. In addition, EPS Geofoam can be easily cut and shaped on a project site, which further reduces onsite challenges.

EPACK is a leading EPS Geofoam manufacturer and supplier in India. EPACK Geofoam is a cell plastic material that is solid, however has a low weight – 1 percent of traditional earth fill materials. Geofoam road construction is manufactured in block shape and is effectively situated at the construction site. EPS Geofoam is unaffected by ordinarily happening climate at the season of installation and will hold its physical properties under construction conditions of utilization. Get Geofoam Blocks for road construction at the best price from our manufacturing company. We are based in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR since 1989.


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