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Thermocol Blocks for Pharmaceutical Sector

EPACK India is a leading thermocol blocks manufacturer in India, based in Greater Noida. Our EPS thermocol blocks can be used by industries that deal with the packaging of goods, electronics and artifacts, etc. These blocks can be used to transport any kind of objects, and it will be sure to keep the item firmly in place. Thermocol blocks are used also in pharmaceutical sector for safe transportation of medicines, bloods and test tubes.

Thermocol blocks for pharmaceutical sector are a hygienic material, ideally suited for the pharmaceutical sector, where it is widely used to safely transport a range of products from temperature sensitive vaccines to transplant organs.

In the Biotechnology field, temperature-sensitive items are safely transported between laboratories in thermocol boxes which are customized by thermocol blocks. Lightweight, but robust you can rely on EPS to assist you with your temperature control requirements.

thermocol blocks

EPACK provides customized design of thermocol boxes for pharmaceutical sector to meet your specific packaging needs – you can buy this range of off-the-shelf items, at short notice, at your own convenience. Due to its closed cell structure, comprising 98% air bound by a cellular polymer matrix, thermocol blocks for pharmacy have exceptionally low thermal conductivity. This helps keep inside temperature constant.

We are working closely with our customers to develop packaging solutions addressing mainly the core challenges of the pharmaceutical companies.

  • Compliance – directions of dosage administration
  • Counterfeiting – deterring piracy and counterfeit in medicines packaging
  • Communication – differentiating and brand recall strategies
  • Convenience – smart and easy to carry, dispensing
  • Child Resistant Packaging – to avoid accidental misuse by children.

These comprehensive Innovative packaging solutions backed with technology helps our pharmacy customers to secure and grow their brand in the global market.


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